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Adopteq has over 30+ years of experience of Domino Application Migrations and are working with companies and organizations across the world to help achieve their goals. We enable our clients to efficiently Assess, Migrate, Archive, and Transform their data to Microsoft 365, and thereafter offer e-learnings to also successfully onboard your users into the new applications platforms.  Adopteq offers predictable, scalable and flexible solutions for Enterprise Transformations that are safe, time-saving, and cost-effective.

Future proof your Archiving strategy

Migration of Domino applications to another platform is time-consuming and complex.  We enable you by using the right solutions, to migrate your data from your existing platforms to new solutions such as Microsoft Azure or SharePoint, all with minimized downtime for the business. This includes seamlessly archiving your databases to any target including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, supporting all sources and targets.

Full control of your Transformation Project

In order to understand where, what and how to embark on your journey from Lotus Notes/Domino, it is important to understand your current applications landscape, usage and complexity.  Through Investigator plus, Adopteq offers the opportunity to gain valuable insights into your current Domino-system, thus saving you time of doing it manually and the opportunity to minimize the risk of errors.

Start and finish your Enterprise Transformation with Adopteq

Adopteq offers the possibility to maximize your investment in Microsoft 365. eLearning Plus by Cliptraining provides an online library of over 5000 task-based training videos to help significantly increase productivity in Microsoft 365. The solution also comes with a native Microsoft Teams Application, but also enables you to create and distribute customized Training throughout the organization.

Collaboration is the key to success

Adopteq supports you through every step of your digital transformation. Whether you need to migrate legacy data or drive adoption to Microsoft365, you can trust Adopteq to enable your digital transformation. We believe that collaboration is the key to success and we partner with you throughout the entire journey.

That is what we call the Adopteq way to your Enterprise transformation.

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