Migrator Plus

Migrating a Domino application to another platform is time-consuming and complex.
Companies find it difficult to conquer the challenges of migrating Domino applications to modern software stacks.

Are you fed up with legacy Domino applications? Are you looking for ways to save time and money?
Or both? Adopteq Migrator Plus can help!

Watch this video to learn more about Adopteq Migrator Plus, a new powerful tool that can migrate your entire Domino enterprise exponentially faster, easier, and cheaper than any other solution.

Secure Archiving With No Headaches

Migrator Plus seamlessly Archives Databases to any target including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, supporting all sources and targets. We are using EML as the archiving format for the highest fidelity of your data and metadata. It ensures that your data will remain as is, with attachments, inlined pictures and everything else all stored within one entity.

Migrator Plus helps companies future proof their Archiving strategy, meet audit requirements and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by centralizing management of archives, allowing you to be confident in your Data Retention strategy for years to come. Adopteq helps you sleep at night, knowing your archives are secure!

Are you migrating Data from Domino to SharePoint?

Data migration is a pressing issue that grows consistently in importance as companies and organizations want to decommission the legacy Domino Application Platform and migrate to Microsoft SharePoint. Now, with the new Adopteq Migrator Plus, migrating data from Domino to SharePoint has never been easier. Safety and Guaranteed Fidelity are hallmarks of this powerful new tool.

The first Domino to SharePoint migration tool ever to allow a true “Delta/Catch-up” migration (move only new or changed items in the Information Store), which is unique and exclusive from Adopteq. Migrator Plus has also been designed with the highest security measures to ensure that all your business data is kept intact and migrated accurately, including MetaData, Document Links, Rich-text, Attachments, inlined pictures, and much more.

Whether it´s the departmental or enterprise-level effort, our flexible licensing model will work with any budget. To learn more about how Migrator Plus can help, do not hesitate to contact us.