This is just one of many examples of key functionality that Adopteq Archive Viewer Web offers – automatic detection of links between documents.

Archive from Notes/Domino

It is one thing to be able to easily and efficiently export data from Domino, but what many customers forget or underestimate is how to ensure long-term, future-proof and reliable storage, access and maintainability of those archives.

How do you ensure that those archives can be consumed by end users, that access rights and permissions can be managed, that no attachments get lost over time?

Adopteq Archive Viewer Plus enables you to archive significant volumes of data in no time, all data within the databases, even emails, guaranteed to be made available within the storage of your choice, of course including Richtext, Metadata, Attachments, Inlined Pictures and more.

Full access and management of your Archives

Migrator Plus Archive seamlessly Archives Databases to any target including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or On-prem, supporting all sources and targets. We are using EML as the archiving format for the highest fidelity of your data and metadata. It ensures that your data will remain as is, with attachments, inlined pictures and everything else all stored within one entity. But the most important aspect is that you will NOT be dependent on any specific platform due to poor storage formats such as PDF, ASPX or others.

We are enabling companies to future proof their Archiving strategy, meet audit requirements and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by centralizing management of archives, allowing you to be confident in your Data Retention strategy for years to come. Adopteq helps you sleep at night, knowing your archives are secure!

Access, Search, Filter and Manage your Archives

With Adopteq Archive Viewer, you can be sure that your archives remain safe, available and accessible, including email archives. We enable you to not only view and access, but also search, filter and find the specific documents, emails or files that your users are looking for. Adopteq provides you with an end-to-end solution for secure Archiving, so that you know that your archives are safe for decades to come, regardless of whether you store them on-prem, in the cloud or anywhere else. Your data remains open, accessible and available for the future.

Our solutions offers you the following options for accessing your archives:

  • Installed viewer client
  • Browser viewer

Whether it´s the departmental or enterprise-level effort, our flexible licensing model will work with any budget. To learn more about how Archiver and Archive Viewer can help, do not hesitate to contact us.