Plan, Prepare, and Define Your Lotus Notes/Domino Transformation with Investigator Plus

Are you looking to transform your Lotus Notes/Domino environment but not sure where to start? Investigator Plus is here to help. Our product is a comprehensive assessment tool that gathers the most important data points about your environment and databases.

With Investigator Plus, you’ll be able to plan, prepare, and define your transformation journey with confidence. Our product helps you identify which databases need to be migrated, archived, transformed, or deleted, increasing the chances of success in your actual transformation project.

Don’t let the complexity of your Lotus Notes/Domino environment hold you back. Let Investigator Plus guide you through the process and set you up for success. Try it out today and take the first step towards a more efficient and streamlined journey from Lotus Notes/Domino.

Working with Adopteq AB has been an absolute pleasure. They took the time to truly understand our unique requirements and tailored their analysis and transformation plan accordingly. The expertise and dedication they demonstrated throughout the process were remarkable. We couldn't be happier with the insights they provided and we look forward to continuing our analysis and transformation journey with them.
– Finance customer

Make Informed Decisions with Investigator Plus

When running a Discovery Project, the key outcome should be a complete Transformation plan. And even though understanding the complexity of a Notes Application could be relevant, it only tells a part of the bigger picture. The most important outcome of a discovery is an understanding of where applications can go. This includes mapping of Notes Apps and potential target platforms such as SharePoint, Power Platform, ERP, DMS any many other potential targets.

  • Number of forms and number of used forms: This information can help customers understand the complexity of their databases and identify which ones are heavily used versus those that may not be necessary.
  • Number of editors/contributors: Knowing how many people are editing documents in a particular database can give customers an idea of the level of collaboration and engagement within their organization.
  • Number of views: This data point can help customers understand how their databases are being accessed and used, as well as identify any unnecessary or redundant views.
  • Number of agents: Agents are automated programs that can perform tasks within Lotus Notes/Domino, such as running reports or sending emails. Knowing how many agents are in use can give customers a sense of the workload on their system and help them optimize their environment.
  • Number of documents containing attachments: This information can help customers understand the volume of attachments being stored in their databases and identify any opportunities for optimization or consolidation.
  • Number of fields used: Understanding how many fields are being used in a database can help customers identify any unnecessary or redundant data, as well as optimize their environment for performance.

Making an assessment of your existing environment and databases is important for a transformation project because it helps you understand the current state of your system and identify areas for improvement. Without this understanding, it can be difficult to effectively plan and execute a transformation project, leading to potential delays or setbacks. By using a tool like Investigator Plus, customers can gain a clear picture of their environment and make informed decisions about their transformation journey.