Plan, Prepare, and Define Your Lotus Notes/Domino Transformation with Investigator Plus

Are you considering the decommissioning and transformation of your Lotus Notes/Domino environment, but feeling a bit lost? Unsure about where to start or how to make sense of the data for a smooth transition?

We get it – data is just a part of the puzzle. Investigator Plus, however, is more than a product; it’s your guide through the process. It not only lays out the data but also tells you where to focus.

Be better Informed with Adopteq

At Adopteq, we simplify your transformation journey with Investigator Plus, so you can focus on what matters most. Investigator Plus digs into your applications, figuring out what they currently do, what they could do in the future, and where they fit best, be it Archives, SharePoint, Low-code platforms, or others like CRM and ERP.

We blend Investigator Plus data with your essential info, creating a solid database for your application journey. The results are presented in user-friendly reports through Power BI, which can adapt as your plan evolves. We’re here at Adopteq to guide you through change and make your transformation hassle-free.

Working with Adopteq AB has been an absolute pleasure. They took the time to truly understand our unique requirements and tailored their analysis and transformation plan accordingly. The expertise and dedication they demonstrated throughout the process were remarkable. We couldn't be happier with the insights they provided and we look forward to continuing our analysis and transformation journey with them.
– Finance customer

Making an assessment of your existing environment and databases is crucial for a successful transformation project because it helps you understand the current state of your system and identify areas for improvement.

Without this understanding, it can be difficult to effectively plan and execute a transformation project, leading to potential delays or setbacks. By using a product like Investigator Plus, customers can gain a clear picture of their environment and make informed decisions about their transformation journey.